Who We Are

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Jason Corkill

As a dedicated computer vision engineer, Jason heads Rapidata with a practical, yet forward-thinking approach to AI and data labeling. His ability to generate fresh ideas and initiate action sets the pace for our team. Jason's effective communication skills allow him to clearly convey our company's mission, making him a reliable representative in public and professional settings.

Jason CorkillFounder & CEO
Luca Strebel

Luca is the backbone of Rapidata's software development, serving as our Chief Architect. His extensive professional experience and deep knowledge of the field allow him to expertly steer our software architecture, ensuring it aligns with our innovative vision. Despite the demands of his role, Luca remains calm and courageous, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to his work, making him a pillar of strength within our team.

Luca StrebelFounder & Chief Architect
Marian Kannwischer

With a unique blend of academic prowess and innovative thinking, Marian guides Rapidata's technical vision. Experience in deep learning, and computer vision, enables him to navigate the AI landscape while his curiosity drives him to continually seek out new knowledge and refine our processes. His solution-oriented mindset and meticulous nature ensure our technology meets the highest standards in the rapidly evolving field.

Marian KannwischerFounder & CTO
Mads Alber

Mads brings a unique blend of academic talent and practical startup experience to Rapidata. With his extensive experience in AI and robotics and a special expertise in reinforcement learning, he brings a unique perspective to our work. His organisational ability, combined with his academic prowess, continually propels us forward and ensures we stay up to date with recent research.

Mads AlberFounder & CIO
Jorge Paravicini

Jorge, an architect and developer at Rapidata, blends his Computer Science education with practical IT experience. His expertise in enterprise architecture, gained at a top Swiss IT firm, is crucial for creating scalable systems. Jorge excels in problem-solving and efficiency, vital in developing robust back-end systems and aligning our tech with Rapidata's vision.

Jorge ParaviciniArchitect & Developer
Mariana Casanova

Mariana, a UX/UI Designer at Rapidata, combines a Computer Science degree with a Master's in Multimedia, specializing in UX/UI Design. With additional training in frontend development, she merges technical proficiency with a passion for the arts, creating compelling and user-friendly designs. Mariana's unique skills make her a key contributor to Rapidata's innovative design vision.

Mariana CasanovaUX/UI Designer
Marcell Schneider

Marcell is a Data Science Intern who is doing his Data Science MSc at ETH Zürich. He specialised in machine learning (ML) during his BSc and has years of experience as a data engineer supporting deep learning projects. He is utilising his great understanding of the ML pipeline and eagerness towards data-related problems to assist data analysis at Rapidata so we can further improve our product's customisability and versatility.

Marcell SchneiderData Science Intern
Mohamed Sadek Saadi

Mohamed Sadek brings Rapidata's vision to life through elegant and user-friendly interfaces. With a background in Computer Science and hands-on IT experience, Mohamed excels at transforming complex challenges into seamless user experiences. His passion for efficiency and problem-solving ensures our applications are both powerful and intuitive.

Mohamed Sadek SaadiSoftware Engineer
Lino Giger

Lino, a recent HSLU graduate with a degree in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and a Minor in Software Engineering, enhances Rapidata's data labeling services with his specialized knowledge. His intuitive understanding of AI model behaviors significantly influences his approach to optimizing data for our clients, ensuring it is ideally prepared for their needs. Passionate about applying his academic insights to real-world applications, Lino is dedicated to advancing our service quality and helping our clients achieve superior results.

Lino GigerAI Engineer
Dimitrios Christodoulou

Dimitrios is pursuing an MSc in Robotics, Systems, and Control at ETH Zurich. He has advanced research experience in computer vision and deep learning for Intelligent Systems and has honed his machine learning expertise as a Computer Vision Researcher in autonomous driving. At Rapidata, Dimitrios enhances data labeling processes with high accuracy and efficiency, and is primarily involved in exploring GenAI applications.

Dimitrios ChristodoulouData Science Intern
Manuel Tollis

Manuel, a Software Engineer that started his career in the industry of automatic machines for processing and packaging as a Frontend Engineer. Driven by his strong will to do beautiful things, "the right way" 🤌🏻, he is always learning and improving his skills to be able to find the best solution to the problems he faces.

Manuel TollisSoftware Engineer