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Human Labeling

All of our results are 100% human. Every single response generated on our platform is the result of a real person annotating, validating, or reacting to your data.
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No lead or waiting times thanks to our user base of over 10 million people. Your dataset is parallelized to thousands of people to be completed in record time.
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Unbiased Data

Enhance the accuracy of your results by minimizing and controlling biases. Our annotators are located across 170+ countries, ensuring responses reflect a broad spectrum of perspectives.
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Lower your costs while gathering human preferences with our scalable services. Rapidata offers the most cost-effective access to real humans, accommodating any dataset size and ensuring you get the best value.

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With our system we can process huge amounts of data with human intelligence and sentiment from specific regions within minutes.

Jason Corkill

Chief Executive Officer

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