Terms of Service

Version effective as of 29.11.2022

Disclaimer: We are still in the process of understanding how to ideally structure our Terms of Service and what provisions to have. If you as a Customer or Partner have any concerns about a passage in these Terms that prevent you from working with us, feel free to reach out to us to inquire if this is something Rapidata can rectify. 

1. Introduction

These terms of service (“Terms” or “Terms of Service”) apply to your use of this website (rapidata.ai (“Website”)) and to our customers and partners. The Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you, the user, partner, customer, or any person on behalf of an entity (“you” or “user”) and Rapidata AG, Seehofstrasse 16, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland (to be incorporated) (hereinafter “Rapidata”, “we”, “our” or “us”), regarding the use of our website or services.

The notion of “service” encompasses all services that Rapidata provides.

“Ad-Users” are the people that interact with our creatives (similar to ads) through the digital advertising channel or other web platforms.

2. Acceptance of the Terms of Service

By either accessing the Rapidata website (apart from the intention to read the Terms for the first time) and/or using one of our services and/or partnering with us in any other way you are agreeing to have read, understood and comply with these Terms which may change over time without notice and you should review them each time you visit the website. Notice is given to our active Customers and/or Partners. Please read the following Terms of Service carefully before using the website or our services. You must not use this website, our service or partner with us, if you have any objections to any of the Terms.

3. Modification

We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time by removing, adding or changing the Terms. The Terms of Service accessible through the website are always the most recent ones. It is your responsibility to check if the Terms of Service have changed over time. If you continue using our website, services or partnering with us after Terms have changed you agree to the updated Terms of Service. The date of the last change can be found in the very beginning of these Terms of Service.

4. Service

Rapidata provides customers with data labeling services as agreed upon on an individual basis.

5. Prohibited Activities

The following is a non conclusive list of activities that are prohibited when using our website, service or when partnering with us. If you are unsure about whether an action is appropriate you first need to contact us before continuing:

  • Rapidata prohibits using our service for the purposes that may be qualified as a violation of laws, intellectual property rights, and requirements stated in the Privacy Policy or these Terms.

  • Accessing or copying Rapidata code that is not public. 

  • Accessing or copying Rapidata code that is public but under copyright.

  • Using our service to enable illegal services or products.

  • Supplying us with data that is or could potentially be harmful to Ad-Users.

  • Supplying us with any data that contains image, text, video or other depictions of:

    • Violence

    • Sexual acts

    • Nudity

    • Other sensitive topics, if appropriateness of certain data is unclear, you need to contact representatives of Rapidata to clear the issue and receive a permit for execution.

  • Supplying us with data or engaging in actions that cause copyright infringement, patent, trademark, or corporate secrets violation, including publicity or privacy rights

  • Using our servers and services in a way that could potentially harm Rapidata and/or its partners and customers.

  • Using automated software or other scraping techniques to scrape data from our servers.

  • Attempt or perform any form or reverse engineering or disassembly of the services, creatives or server backend.

4. Website Content

“Content” includes items that you see, read, hear, download or access on this Website (including but not limited to messages, text, files, data, software, images, photographs, videos, illustrations and other material).The Website provides Content for general information about Rapidata, including its operations and products. Products on the Website may or may not be available on the market in the country that you are accessing this website from. This website provides Content to all stakeholders (from industry, policymakers, general public). The Content may include forward-looking statements which, at the time of writing were based on the then current expected future events. The user is advised not to depend on these forward-looking statements and Rapidata is not bound to fulfill forward-looking statements. This Site is for informational purposes only.

5. Intellectual Property

All Content and intellectual property rights on this website, unless otherwise stated, is presumed to be owned solely by Rapidata. Any third-party Content on the Website has been approved or licensed from the respective owners for use on this Website and/or emails or documents sent to the mailing list.

Rapidata may use our customer and partners name and trademark (if necessary) for featuring your business on the website or in marketing materials.

When you are a customer, Rapidata needs the right to process your data on their platform/ servers in order to execute data labeling campaigns on your behalf and deliver to you related services. Therefore you provide us and our partners (where necessary) a non-exclusive, royalty-free right to apply, deliver, publish, distribute, adapt, reproduce and process the data units for the purposes of the service. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the rights to give us these rights.

6. Limitations of liability

You use the Rapidata website and services at your own risk. You must understand and accept all risks associated with the use of any Content, including reliance on accuracy, usefulness and completion of any Content. All information on or via the website is for informational purposes only. We aim to ensure a convenient and functional website, but we make no guarantees as to the accuracy of any of the Content. Rapidata does not ensure that the Website will be free of viruses or other threats to your computer system. Rapidata will not be liable to you for any damage caused by any such virus or software. We reserve all rights to adjust, correct and/or improve the website at any time without notice.

7. Rapidata website Access and Use

Users may view pages from the website in a web browser, download website pages for caching, print website pages, stream audio and video files from the Site, subject to the other standards set forth by the Terms. Except as permitted in Section 5.1., Users must not download any material from the Site or save any material to their computer. Users must use the website for their own personal and business-related information regarding Rapidata and must not be used for any other purpose. Except as permitted by the Terms, editing or modification of any Content on the Website is prohibited. Unless the user owns or controls the relevant rights in the material, you must not: Republish Content from the Site (and republications in any other website (commercial or non-commercial); Sell, rent or sub-license Content from the Website; Reveal any Content from the Website to the public; Redistribute Content from the Website: Users may redistribute newsletters (digital or in print) to any person without a commercial intent. We reserve the right to limit access to content, areas of the website, or the whole website, at our discretion; You must not circumvent or bypass or attempt to do so on any restricted regions on the website. Users must not take any action that causes, or may cause damage to the Website or affect the performance, accessibility or availability; Use the Site in any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or damaging purpose or in connection to the aforementioned; Use the Website to host, store, send, transmit, distribute any data that consists of, or affected by any spyware computer virus, Trojan horse, keylogger, worm or other malicious or unlawful computer software; Conduct any data collection of any type (including but not limited to scraping, data mining, data extraction and harvesting) on or in relation to the Site without our expressed written consent; Access or interact with the Website using any robot, spider or automated means, except for search engine indexing; Use data collected from the website for any marketing activity (includes but not limited to email, SMS, tele- and direct marketing); Attempt or perform any form or reverse engineering or disassembly of the Site.

8. Data Liability

The data you provide Rapidata are the matter of your responsibility. Thus, any loss or harm that the data may cause to others is also a matter of your personal concern. For the avoidance of any doubt, Rapidata shall not be liable for the content of data provided, made, or uploaded by you.

Further we can delete your data from our servers without prior notice to you.

9. Data Quality

If you as a Customer and or Partner supply us with any data, you must ensure that it complies with these Terms. Rapidata inspects random data points  for inappropriateness and any kind of other malicious content. This applies to both newly submitted and already submitted and approved data. If data supplied is deemed inappropriate we reserve the right to immediately remove it from our servers and suspend our services for you altogether without prior notice to you.

10. Indemnification

To the extent of the law, Rapidata is not liable to you for any claim, expense, loss or damage incurred by you, directly or indirectly through the access or use (or lack thereof) of the Website, our services or partnering with us. You agree to fully indemnify Rapidata against any suits, damages, claims, cost of expenses that you suffer in tort, negligence or contract. This also includes losses that may be caused by copyright infringement or intellectual property violation and so on.

11. Termination

You agree that Rapidata may, at its sole discretion, terminate your access to the website.

You agree that Rapidata may, at its sole discretion, terminate our services or partnership with you, if you violate this agreement.

12. Damage Disclaimer

Rapidata as a contractor provides its service “as is” and does not provide any guarantees. A result from our service may not be reproducible and we do not guarantee the same outcome from our service for future orders.

If we are unable to perform our services as promised for a certain period due to the digital advertising service being unavailable, we will refund your money for the data that was not yet processed and cancel the agreement.

Should the digital advertising market have an unreasonable spike in cost, Rapidata may pause its services during this time. Should this pause take longer than 30 days, we will refund your money for any data not yet processed and cancel the agreement.

13. Service Disclaimer

Rapidata isn’t responsible for the outcome of your data processing with us. In any regards: revenue, engagement, anticipated benefits, etc.

Our service may be interrupted by any sort of maintenance or by any event outside of our control such as, network attacks, power outages, equipment failures etc..

Data you send to us is transmitted via the Internet which inherently has some risks. We are not responsible for any losses, alterations or damages that occur due to the transmitting of your data via the internet.

14. Governing Law

The Website and our services may be accessed from anywhere in the world where the local technology allows. As each country has differing laws, by accessing this website, you agree that these Terms of Service shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Kanton of Zürich, Switzerland, without regard to conflicting laws. You agree to submit to the select jurisdiction of the courts of the Kanton of Zürich, Switzerland with regards to any dispute arising out of and/or in connection with these Terms.

15. Severability

If provisions of these Terms are or become invalid, unenforceable or void it, other provisions of these Terms are not affected and shall continue in full force and effect.

17. Conditions

  • If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services or website, feel free to send them to us. However, any such suggestion is shared voluntarily and is free to be used , irrevocable and can be implemented by Rapidata without compensation to you.

  • We give no guarantees to our service or Website in the case of a force majeure and any delay it may cause.

18. Contact Details

If you have any questions about the Terms, please feel free to contact us at: info@rapidata.ai